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How 14 day catch up TV can improve your social life!

Don't become a coach potato!

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14 Day catch up TV, used effectively!

So how can 14 day catch up improve your social life?

Well, first of all, what is 14 day catch up TV?

With regard to the UKTV4Italia, basically you can choose any one of the 160+ channels and navigate back to any of the proceeding 14 days, bring up a TV timetable of the programs shown and then watch (or download and record) any of them.

In reality, this delivers a new freedom, where you no longer have to stay in and watch your favourite program when it is screened, but rather, you can choose to watch it at your leisure over the next 14 days (or much longer if you download and record it).

This is ideal for the Italian lifestyle in that we can go to all those dinner parties, head for the beach and do all the wonderful things that make life worth living (but still being able to catch up with the TV at a later time)

As an example, I love to watch F1, but hate giving up my long and leisurely Sunday lunch with friends, so now I just watch it a few hours later.

Watching "Live" Tv is almost a thing of the past in my family, the exception perhaps being the news!

Catch up TV delivers the best of all worlds!

Richard Burnett 

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