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Filmon v UKTV4Italia service - compared

I am frequently asked about the differences between Filmon and UKTV4Italia and since the satellite TV service provided by the BBC, contracted to the UK, Filmon has been a "Lifesaver" for ExPats wanting to watch UK TV here in Italy.

First of all Filmon does a job and on a very basic level - it is free (at the basic level)! So that has to be a good start!

I do recommend Filmon for people who have a very slow internet connection

However, as a comparison, you can ride around Italy on a pushbike, or you can drive around Italy in a Ferrari, both will get you around - but both are entirely different experiences!

Here is a quick comparison

1. Viewing Quality

Filmon streams at a low data rate and delivers a low quality picture and therefor works well for slow Italian Internet users, but viewing is poor on TV screens - so best viewed on a smaller screen.

UKTV4Italia streams at 1.2 Mbps and delivers a much higher quality picture and can be viewed on any size TV screen.

2. Choice of TV stations

Filmon has the main BBC, ITV channels, Channel 4, CBS and some other more obscure channels

UKTV4Italia has up to 150 UK TV channels, which includes every UK FTA channel and many premium channels.

3. Catch Up TV

Filmon you can record within data limits, but there is no catchup Tv as such on the free service

UKTV4Italia has 14 day catch up on every channel, plus you can download and record every channel and even the catch up programs.

4. Can you watch on TV?

Filmon is a computer or mobile solution to watching Tv and is best watched on a small screen, but using your computer, you can relay the picture to a TV, via a suitable hdmi lead (or similar). But select and change programs on your computer, so this is not a "normal" TV experience.

UKTV4Italia is a completely normal TV experience - everything works from a TV remote control and even your Great Grandma could use it!

5. Onscreen advertising

Filmon has its own branding onscreen 100% of the time, it also has advertising breaks, this can be removed if you pay for the premium service.

UKTV4Italia does not have an onscreen logo, just the normal station advertising

6. Costs

Filmon - standard Free - premium (HD) £14.95 per month

UKTV4Italia -from £12.99 per month

7. Free Videos

Filmon have 1000's of low quality video's but apart from the low resolution, they are also mostly B movies or worse - do not expect the latest Blockbuster!

UKTV4Italia has free Video on demand on the premium service (700 plus films), but you can also search all the films shown over the last 14 days on the catchup service.

It should also be noted that Filmon has the HD  stream service (at £14.95 per month), but beware, here i Italy, very few Internet users have sufficient speed to actually stream HD video - basically if you do not have a Fibre Optic connection, you will have buffering issues in streaming the video in the evening.

So that is my quick comparison - you can choose your pushbike or your Ferrari!

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