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Are you going to watch British TV this Christmas?

All UK TV channels at a touch of a button!

Christmas is coming fast, and there is something comforting about sitting down and watching all the favorite programs and great films that come on the TV at Christmas, maybe even watching the Queens speech (try getting that on Rai 1) or the Christmas editions of Corrie and Eastenders!

Somethings are as traditional as Turkey, Sprouts and Roast Potatoes!

Clients of UK TV4Italia have not only all the normal TV channels to view live, but they can also catch up with any program from the previous 14 days, so they have the option of 1000's of prime time British TV.

Add to that the massive film library on the Premium subscription and you will wonder how you got on without it !

No computers, just a real UK TV experience - over 100 TV channels on the standard service and 160 on the premium, plus 100's of radio and Video on demand.

This iptv system works anywhere in Italy or indeed the world

We have just sold out our stock yet again, but will have another delivery in the first week of December - but this will be the last chance to grab a unit before Xmas!

Standard TV service is £12.99 and Premium £22.99 - all on monthly pay as you go, no contracts!

The TV unit costs £99.99 (once only purchase)

Give yourself a great Xmas present that lasts the whole year

email richard@europasat or call 3665200656 

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